This December donations made to the Patients’ Fund will be doubled

Thanks to a very generous donor, anything you give via the Patients’ Fund page or via this page will be doubled. We are aiming to raise £50,000 - doubled to £100,000 - to help make hospital life a little more like home life for patients.

What is the Patients’ Fund?

The patient’s fund provides small comforts to make a visit to hospital that little bit easier. This includes TVs to watch during treatments or snacks and puzzle books for long-stay patients. The video below explains some past projects supported by the Patients’ Fund.

How does it work?

Anything you give from Thursday 1 December until midnight on Monday 31 December will be doubled. The donations need to be made here or to the Patients’ Fund. At the end of the month the total will be matched by our generous donors (up to the value of £50,000).

It’s vitally important that we raise as much as possible as these projects help make a patient’s time in hospital a little more comfortable. Thank you for your amazing generosity. It makes a big difference.