Raising £150,000 to purchase vital Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) units for Royal Brompton Hospital

ECMO supports patients who have a life-threatening illness or are recovering from major surgery by oxygenating their blood outside of the body. This allows a patient’s heart or lungs to rest and gives doctors the crucial time needed to diagnose and treat them.

For many patients, ECMO is used as a "last resort" treatment where all other options have been exhausted. Fortunately, after treatment they can often return to their everyday lives.

Your support means #MoreTimeMoreLives - time to treat and save more critically-ill patients.

Who needs ECMO?

Royal Brompton is one of only five ECMO centres in the UK, treating patients from across the UK, from London to Avon and Gloucester, and even Wales.

ECMO patients are of different ages, from babies to adults in their 70s – from people with cystic fibrosis who have a life-threatening respiratory infection or as a bridge to transplant, to those who have been unwell with swine flu or severe influenza. 

    Tessa's story

    Tessa was an ECMO patient at Royal Brompton Hospital during January 2017. She was only 18 years old at the time and was referred by her local hospital in Yeovil after collapsing at home and experiencing multi-organ failure following long-term, undiagnosed illness. 

    Two years on, thanks to ECMO, Tessa has made a full recovery and is currently studying for a psychology degree at the University of York. She says, “I am forever grateful for all the staff at Royal Brompton Hospital and for ECMO – it gave me a second chance at life.”

    What could your support help us buy? 

    The ECMO unit is made up of various different pieces of equipment - including the ECMO machine itself, all of which are essential in transporting and treating patients. By supporting this appeal, you could help us buy:

    £375 An infusion pole to transfer a patient's infusion system when being placed on/off ECMO.

    £529 A gas bottle holder to secure a patient's oxygen cylinder whilst transporting them.

    £2,516 An air/oxygen mixer which enriches the patient’s air with oxygen when their own organs can't.

    £5,657 A heater unit, a precise piece of equipment that helps to maintain a patient’s temperature.

    Demand for ECMO increases in winter due to a rise in respiratory illnesses and infections. Last year was the biggest winter season for the NHS so this year, we’re asking for you to please help us prepare.

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