Our aim is simple. We want to shorten and improve the journey that newborns and infants take from (pre-natal) diagnosis of a heart condition to open-heart surgery and back to their families 

We believe this can be achieved by acting cautiously every step of the way using the best available evidence and practices in order to overcome certain obstacles.

We are carrying out comprehensive research into how we can overcome these obstacles, to ensure that we can reduce the time it takes a child to make this most important of journeys. We already have considerable data and are reaching out for more. We have operated on more than 200 neonates and 450 infants over the past 3 years. We have a pluri-discipline team working on this project including an anaesthetist, critical care staff, nurses, perfusionists, pharmacists and surgeons. We are also appointing a PhD project leader.

But we need your help too.

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