We’re raising £500,000 to support Harefield's world-class Transplant Programme, so our doctors and nurses can treat more people in need of life-saving transplants

Harefield Hospital is the UK’s largest and most experienced centre for heart and lung transplants. 

In 2017/18, the team performed 33 heart transplants, five combined heart and lung transplants and 59 lung transplants – that’s a huge 31% of lung transplants in the UK.

To ensure that our doctors and nurses can continue to help this number of people, we need your help.

What will we fund?

Organ Care Systems, like this one, which keep donated hearts and lungs viable for up to four times longer than the traditional on-ice method.

This means donated organs can come from hospitals further away, arrive in better condition and give medical staff longer to prepare for and perform life-saving surgery.

Don's story

Don Wootton was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) in 2012 and referred to the specialist unit at Royal Brompton Hospital. He offered to take part in a Research Clinic but despite best efforts, by the end of 2015, Don's situation had become critical. He was about to have his last Christmas with his family. 

But in February 2015 Don had a bilateral lung transplant at the Harefield Hospital and within three months he was living a near-normal life, and back to playing regular golf. Now 73, he leads a very active life and has been told he is fitter than the average 73-year-old: 

“The team at the Harefield gave me a new life thanks to the generosity of my donor. I have given a little back to these amazing hospitals by participating in charity events and raising funds. With your help, we can save many more lives and give others that second chance to live life to the full.”

Thank you