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It’s countdown to one of our biggest and most popular fundraising events of the year – the Grand Canal Challenge. With well over 150 people taking part, it’s going to be a special day with participants walking, running and cycling a variety of distances between the two hospitals.Read more


The countdown to the Grand Canal Challenge has begun! Already, we have had more people sign up to this year’s event than last year, and we have an even better plan for the day. Will we see you there?Read more


With the introduction of specially designed pods for family members to stay with their loved ones in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal Brompton, we hope to improve the experience for family members and improve the care for patients.Read more


We are incredibly lucky to receive support from our sponsors, who allow us to direct as much money as possible from our events directly to the causes we fund.Read more


I have just sponsored a remarkable woman to do a fantastic challenge. Rhonda Davis says she has “has more bits of metal inside her than are in her car”, having had two knee replacements, as well as eight stents fitted and a double heart bypass. Could you sponsor her too?Read more


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2,000 people joined us to protest against a ridiculous and outrageous, and importantly, dangerous, proposal. Thank you!Read more


So, tomorrow is the big, big day – we are marching in protest to tell NHS England, in the most forthright terms, that they have seriously got it wrong if they think they can close Royal Brompton’s congenital heart services without oppositionRead more


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