In this week's blog, Gill says a fond (temporary) farewell to one of our Charity team and celebrates the completion of her Fitin15 pledge. There's also a couple of pictures from previous Fun Runs to inspire this year's participants!Read more


As Gill is on holiday this week, I thought that it would be fitting for me to write a guest post, having been at the charity for just over a month now as the new Marketing and Communications Manager.Read more


Gill's blog looks ahead to a weekend of fantastic events for the charity and shares her experience walking with The Bryson Line team as they enter the last week of their voyage.Read more


Gill talks about the importance of Royal Brompton's life-saving ECMO service and her excitement of the lead up to Grand Canal Challenge and Champagne Picnic in this week's blog.Read more


With the Grand Canal Challenge fast approaching, Gill's blog reflects on her Fitin15 pledge and the Bryson Line voyage which takes Kate Hedges and team 569 miles from Cape Wrath to Bognor Regis.Read more


We are trying our hardest to get as many people as possible on board, so we can continue to share our good news, latest appeals, and awesome stories about our hospitals and their patients.Read more


I see amazing skill, deep care, professionalism, and a strong sense of purpose every day working to support our hospitals. That's why I'm taking part in #FitIn15 for NHS 70Read more


An inspiring evening with a world-renowned Harefield heart surgeon marked the beginning of spring/summer with our charity, just as the sun returns, which includes fitting in 15...Read more


We can almost smell the blossom. Spring/summer is achingly close! With abseils, canal walks and champagne picnics on the hazy horizon, we couldn't be more excitedRead more


Our special evening with one of the world’s most famous surgeons – and long-time friend of Harefield Hospital – is getting closer and we’re so looking forward to itRead more


Appeal news, event news and why, in this current climate, our hospitals are relying ever more so on their charityRead more


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After seven years of planning, and two years of hard work fundraising, we were able to host a tour of the new, finished intensive care unit at Harefield Hospital last nightRead more


One of the things I enjoy most about my job is when it comes to the end of an appeal, and we can show our donors the results...Read more


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