2,000 people joined us to protest against a ridiculous and outrageous, and importantly, dangerous, proposal. Thank you!Read more


So, tomorrow is the big, big day – we are marching in protest to tell NHS England, in the most forthright terms, that they have seriously got it wrong if they think they can close Royal Brompton’s congenital heart services without oppositionRead more


We’ve been very busy recently, at an exciting time for our Charity. Perhaps you came to our 100 Hearts Comedy Night. Or maybe you supported us at Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub's lecture. We hope you enjoyed it!Read more


A fundraising campaign is made up of many different jigsaw pieces and one of the most fantastic parts of being a fundraiser is watching all of these pieces come together.Read more


How gifts of every size can buy mountains, both literally and figuratively.Read more


Support for our hospitals has come from so many people in so many forms. It’s what makes working here so extraordinary and warm.Read more


Deliciously Ella led our fundraising in another whirlwind fortnight of activity here at the Charity.Read more


As the weather turns colder, our thoughts turn to winter, and have we got a winter of events for you! Please come and join us at some – or all – of them.Read more


How we can play our part to the best of our ability in the NHS drama that's unfolding.Read more


Walking over hot coals for our Charity is a mark of how committed our supporters are and comes as we cross the final hurdle for works to begin on the extension to Harefield's Intensive Care Unit.Read more


It’s not just children returning to school who feel like September is the start of a new year – somehow there is a wider need to sharpen pencils and tidy desks. September is upon us and it’s a busy month.Read more


We're well on our way to helping Royal Brompton's Genetics and Genomics Testing Service to become world class.Read more


August is meant to be a quiet month – a month for planning and tidying. And I’ll give the Charity team credit. There has been a massive clean-up in the office.Read more


Since my last blog, I have role played and I have been dismayed – and then heartened! And, of course, because I have met some wonderful people, I have also been thrilled. Mine truly is a roller-coaster job.Read more