Jessica cook

Rebekah Cook

In memory of Jessica Cook

Rhi runs some more!!

Rhianna Colyer

Lyra's Grandpa Geoff

Victora Crawley-Wise

My dad died in the summer at Harefield, it was only 6 weeks after his first grandchild was born. The month he was with you we were visiting nearly every day, and I spent that glorious summer breastfeeding my little girl wherever I could find shade on the site (as she was too young to come onto the ward). When I found out about the healing garden I wanted to raise some money for it - in particularly for a bench under and tree (I would really love to be able to dedicate it to 'Lyra's Grandpa Geo

Catherine, Louise & Katy run the Royal Parks

Catherine Perry

We are running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for the creation of the Harefield Healing Garden; a healing environment away from the hospital wards, for patients, their visitors and staff.

David's birthday present

Ann Stainton

My brother, David, had a heart transplant in 2005 and, as a family, we have supported Harefield ever since

Harefield Hospital Fun Run

Carmel Fitzpatrick

I am fundraising for you because wonderful Harefield Hospital saved my life, this time two years ago and I am so grateful

Gerry Adams Donations

Sara Bambrough

By donating to the Harefield Healing Garden project at Harefield Hospital, you'll be showing thanks to the wonderful staff who cared for him whilst simultaneously sharing his passion for flowers and a wonderful outdoor space.

26 miles for the Harefield Healing Garden Appeal

Cassie Huckle

Having a the privilege to work as an ITU nurse in Harefield Hospital means that I have witnessed the long and terrifying journeys that patients and relatives have to go through. Being a huge advocate for nature, wildlife and the simple things in life, I believe that the Harefield Healing Garden Appeal would be able provide sanctuary and comfort for many, throughout times of critical illness and change.

Louise's Grand Canal Challenge

Louise Calvert

Helping to help save lives.

Rhi runs

Rhianna Colyer

As a nurse in the ITU at Harefield, the amazing strength of both the patients and their families that I have witnessed really blows me away. Patients can spend often months on end on the wards and in the ITU, and a healing garden would make a huge difference.

Helen’s skydive!

Helen Skiffington

I’m an occupational therapist at Harefield and I think the garden is a brilliant idea as it would provide a calming space for people to use.

In Memory Of Jean Linfield

Jean Linfield

We welcome any donation to raise funds for Harefield Hospital in memory of Jean Linfield. Harefield Hospital helped Jean for many years with her complex heart issues. We wish to support Harefield Hospital so they can continue to provide the same great service for others.

In Memory of Maria Lulham

Rory Lulham

We are fundraising for this worthy cause because we would like to give some money towards Harefield Hospital who treated and looked after Maria on a number of occasions over the years.

Denis Curtin's thank you to Harefield Hospital

Mikaela Curtin

Denis is raising money to support the future patients of Harefield Hospital

In memory of Janet Pratt

Alison Pratt

In loving memory of Janet Pratt, who received care and support from Harefield Hospital for 18 years


Ashvin Patel

We are fundraising simply because we wish to give back to the local community.

JOIN US on 21 October at 9.30am for registration at *NUFFIELD HEALTH ROYAL MASONIC SCHOOL (RMS). Meet on the grass outside the reception area on the day.

Make your £5 Donation / Entry Fee TODAY. All funds/donations collected will go to Harefield Hospital. THANK YOU.

*Address: Nuffield Health , The Royal Masonic School For Girls (RMS), Rickmansworth Park, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 4H

Ali and Katie's sky dive for Harefield

Alison Mawer

I'm fundraising because... my son Rhys is now under the care of Harefield and feel we have a lot to be thankful for. The teams are amazing the staff go above and beyond and I know they will do what ever is needed for Rhys in the future.

Jade Ruby Music Night

Jade Maguire

My father is in the care of the staff at Harefield hospital awaiting a heart transplant

Remembering Dad

David Healey

We are fundraising for Harefield hospital in memory of dad. Dad had a Triple Heart bypass operation at Harefield 11 years ago . He gained extra years of life as a result and he was always so grateful . We would like to say a big thank you by supporting Harefield Hospital directly.

Bobs heart run

Robert Jordan

I'm fundraising because I had heart valve replacement surgery

Samantha Sole

Samantha Sole

Raising money for Harefield Hospital for a new dialysis machine

Fundraising for Harefield Hospital

Ashna Patel

For one of my friends who had heart surgery at Harefield Hospital.