In light of the recent pandemic we are all currently facing, we now need your help more than ever. The scale of what is happening across the globe and at home in the UK is unprecedented.

The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust is doing everything it can to prepare for the impact of Covid-19.  

Our clinical teams are working longer hours, with some not even going home between shifts. Some are now retraining in order to help with extra patients. Our staff are working around the clock, putting others first and providing the expertise that they are known for, but they need additional resources to help deliver this specialist care.   

The NHS has pledged to provide the Trust with additional funds that will be available, and the Charity is here to help too - right now.   

What could your support help us buy?

£62,000 An ECMO machine to help the most critically ill patients with Covid–19. Royal Brompton is one of only five ECMO centres in the UK, treating patients from across the UK. ECMO is the last resort to saving many vulnerable people who are in severe respiratory or cardiac failure. It will do the work of a patient’s lungs, or both heart and lungs, until their's can resume normal function.

£5,000 A portable hand-held ultrasound machine to provide cardiac scans and daily lung ultrasounds on Covid-19 patients on ECMO

£3,000 One of 20 IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia (ICCA) systems needed to centralise the clinical data of a critically ill patient through connected technology. This helps to better manage patient deterioration and aid faster and more accurate treatment.

£1,500 A syringe driver, a small pump that delivers medication at a constant rate, typically over 24 hours, through a small tube under the skin. Covid-19 patients may need more than one syringe driver at a time.

“Thank you so much for your support! It is greatly appreciated, it will save more lives.”

Stephane Ledot, Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthetics, Royal Brompton Hospital

The Charity has pledged to provide an additional £100,000 of funding to immediately help our amazing colleagues save lives and give patients the best chance of recovery. Your support is now needed more than ever, and we urge you to help support our amazing hospitals and NHS staff.

Please click on the link below to donate - All support as always is much appreciated.