The Fun Run is back

Run or walk around the Harefield Hospital grounds and surrounding countryside to raise funds to keep Harefield Hospital at the leading edge of patient care.

Fun Run with a serious cause

All the funds raised at the Fun Run will go towards projects to improve the care of patients at Harefield Hospital.

You will be helping patients like John. John was rushed to Harefield Hospital, suffering from heart, lung and liver failure. He spent eight weeks in Harefield ITU, three of them in a coma, was treated with two weeks of ECMO and given an LVAD. All this saved John’s life when he was critically ill. John said:

The staff were fantastic. Even down to the cleaners. They were so helpful. So considerate. Always smiling. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They would work 12 hour shifts, and longer sometimes, and still there’s nothing that was too much trouble for them. They’re my angels.

By taking part in the Fun Run you will be aiding Harefield Hospital to save many more lives like John’s.

Improve the lives of Harefield Patients

All the money raised by the Fun Run will help improve the experience of patients at Harefield Hospital and help keep the hospital as a world leader in heart and lung care.

How to get involved

Sign up for the Harefield Annual Fun Run and Family Day to make a difference for patients.