Heart vs Lungs is back and this year we are going around the world. Heart vs Lungs: Around the World in 30 Days will be raising funds for our Next Generation Genetics appeal, which will equip the hospitals with the vital equipment they urgently need.

The Next Generation Genetics appeal

This appeal will provide Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals’ genetics and genomics team with a state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencer. This will help them save many lives, as it will mean that more patients and their families can be tested for inherited heart and lung conditions and then get the treatment they need, or make life-style changes, sooner.

Helping entire families

Last August, Jody took her 14-month-old daughter Sienna to the park. Everything appeared normal until Sienna suddenly became very poorly and fell unconscious. She was rushed to Broomfield Hospital where it was discovered she had had a cardiac arrest.

Sienna was transferred to Royal Brompton Hospital where she was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, an inherited heart condition. The genetics and genomics team screened Jody’s entire family for Brugada Syndrome. Now they know which family members have Brugada Syndrome and can take preventative steps to prevent cardiac arrests from happening in the future.

You can read Jody and Sienna’s story on our website.

Go around the world to help families

By fundraising for Heart vs Lungs: Around the World in 30 Days, you will be helping families like Jody’s get diagnosed quicker. You can donate or fundraise for the Next Generation Genetics appeal via this page at the link above.

You can sign up for Heart vs Lungs: Around the World in 30 Days via the button below.