We’re raising £500,000 to support the redevelopment of Cath Lab 5 at Harefield Hospital

Cath Lab 5 urgently needs to be redeveloped. With your generosity, we can outfit the new lab with state-of-the-art equipment that will support our clinical staff with the 5,500 procedures they perform in Harefield’s cath labs each year.

What is a cath lab?

Procedures that take place in a cath lab include angiograms, angioplasty, ablation and the implantation of pacemakers. A cath lab is different from an operating theatre, where you would have surgery under a general anaesthetic whereas in a cath lab you would usually be awake.

Angioplasty or coronary angioplasty is sometimes used as an emergency treatment for patients who have had heart attacks; the redevelopment of Cath Lab 5 is especially important as Harefield has a heart attack catchment area of 2 million people.

Graham’s story

80-year-old Graham’s health went rapidly downhill towards the end of 2019. His wife Sandra remembers: "I sat and looked at my husband before Christmas and I could see him drifting away from me.”

Graham was already a recipient of a pacemaker and his heart was fragile. Without Harefield’s expert clinical teams and high spec cath lab he would have had months to live.

“When you have to call the kids round and put it on the line for them, it's terrifying, so any option they presented to us was a total lifeline,” Sandra said.

High spec imaging technology in the cath lab allowed clinical teams to navigate this delicate procedure and place a MitraClip into Graham's heart through a catheter in his artery. They were able to perform this surgery under local anaesthetic and with minimal trauma to his heart.

Within hours of the procedure, Graham started to feel more like himself. "Ever since I've had the procedure, I feel totally different, I feel like a new man!”

Where will the money go?

The funds we raise will buy Siemens Artis scanner, which isn’t funded by the NHS. This unit will mean more detailed images of patients at lower radiation levels. See the impact the new scanner will have in the video below:

Mark Bowers, Divisional Intervention Lead of the Cardiology and Surgery Departments at Harefield explains what the new Cath Lab means for our patients: “The Charity’s funding will help make the lab more ergonomic, infection control compliant and give patients a much better overall experience”

Can you help us provide a lifeline to more patients? If so, please support the Lifeline Lab appeal. Your generosity is much appreciated.

We can make a difference to thousands of patients each year and the incredible staff that treat them.

With your support, we can transform the space where life-saving procedures happen every day. Will you help us?

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