The news is all about careful opening up of shops in the coming weeks. The dreadful numbers of Covid-19 rates are reducing, and people are out and about - careful to socially distance, but meeting up, within guidelines, with friends and families.

What does this mean for our NHS colleagues and for Royal Brompton and Harefield? Both of these hospitals are treating non-Covid patients, whilst making sure they are kept safe from Covid-19 when they are in hospital.

There are many wonderful things about Harefield Hospital - but one of the most moving is the sense of being part of a longer-term relationship, almost of family with the amazing staff who work there. Many patients are very long term - leading their lives but also having regular appointments in the hospital.

The last few weeks have been anxious times for some of them as they have had to wait longer before seeing their consultants, but with careful social distancing, such opportunities are happening.

Royal Brompton too, is seeing more patients - both outpatients (again with social distancing) and inpatients. Royal Brompton and Harefield are still treating Covid patients and are on high alert if cases increase.

The last 10 weeks have seen amazing generosity from our donors, and also from companies and individuals wanting to give gifts to remind our NHS colleagues how much we respect and value what they are doing to treat and care for people with this horrible disease. We have set up a special Thank You page on our website to acknowledge the wonderful presents - practical and treats - which have been coming into the hospitals.

Last week we were particularly pleased to receive a very warm message from His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex for our hospital colleagues. HRH Prince Edward timed his message for the last day of clapping for the NHS on Thursday. He sought to reassure our friends who are caring for the patients that we will continue to think of them even if the clapping evenings are stopping.

He particularly remembered not just the amazing doctors and nurses who are at the forefront of the care, but also the many people who are still putting themselves at risk to fight Covid-19 - the porters, caterers, administrators, therapists and many more.

I would particularly like the many donors who have given to support a pragmatic programme of food deliveries to our hospitals to ensure that our front line staff are not just looked after while they are at work, but also able to take food home to their families - this has been such a generous and thoughtful way of supporting the families who are also heroes.