Hi folks,

This is to help the hospital after they did an unbelievable job for a loved one.

Thanks for any support and if anyone wants to come and train with me they are most welcome.

I am doing 6 events over the next six months, one of which has been completed, the iconic severn bridge half marathon, with a decent time of 1:54.

Please give what you can, and have the satisfaction that I will be in pain on these events.

Cheers Phil.

Did the Bisham half marathon on the 21st October, off road along the Thames, beautiful place, another 1:54, bit of a slog for me.

Ran the knebworth half on the 18th November great run a 1:51 not too bad.

Ran the Hillingdon Brunel half marathon in February on the 25th, not the greatest day for me and it was very warm.

Ran the Bledlow Ridge trail run on the 19th May, what a hard event not for the faint hearted, did a 2:21.

Ran the vanguard starting in Croydon, more elevation than you would like, got lost on the return leg and did a bit extra which was a pain. philip white