Those of you that know me will know that my brother has fought a serious life limiting heart condition for many years, and one that threatened to take his life in the near future. Thankfully due to the amazing skills and care for the team at the Harefield hospital and a very kind donor he now has a second chance, he is starting to enjoy a life that the rest of us take for granted. His treatment and recovery following his heart transplant has been nothing short of a miracle. The money I raise will go towards the “heart in a box” organ care system

In an attempt to say a small thank you to the amazing team at the Harefield and to help them continue to help others like Nick, I plan to make these parachute jumps to raise as much as I can for them. The parachuting is all self funding and every penny you donate will go directly to the charity.

My efforts are in three parts:
Firstly I will be heading to Holland on the 5th April to train at the National Parachute Centre where I will undertake a week long miltary paratrooper course, this requires me to make 5 jumps in total out of a Cessna Caravan and an Antonov AN2 and pass a written examination to earn my Dutch Parawings as a military parachutist.

Once qualified I will have the great privilege to be able to jump from a Dakota "Drag Em Oot" which dropped the paras of the American 101st and 82nd Airbourne in 1944. Jumping in the slipstream of heros onto the original dropzone of Sannerville (just outside Caen) as part of the official commemorations on the 5th June 2019.

In September I will make my final jump over Arnhem in memory of the largest ever airbourne assault when over 20,000 men attacked in the evening of the 17th September 1944.
If you want to see what I will be doing you can see the RCPT jumping out of Drag Em Oot over Arnhem at

I take this opportunity to thank those that may choose to support the Hospitals amazing life changing work.



Paul Culshaw