When Donna recently had a transplant, we realised how lucky we were to live in a country with the Harefield hospital.
Not only do they provide the best facilities in the world but, through the NHS, this is available to everyone.
I have been amazed by the level of care and expertise that has been given to Donna throughout this experience and so decided I wanted to give a little back.
Therefore I have signed up to abseil off the top of the Accelor Mittal Orbit. You know, that big weird red thing in Stratford they built for the Olympics.
Now, I understand abseiling off the top of the tower sounds a lot of fun and I am not going to lie and pretend I am not really excited to do it.
Therefore I thought it was only fair that I donate the minimum sponsorship myself (£250).
That means that all the money everyone else donates will go directly to the Harefield transplant fund and not a penny will be spent on me having a good time.
Hopefully, together, we can give other people the wonderful opportunity that lung transplants have given us.
I have never in my life asked for any charity donations before so please appreciate this is something I feel very strongly about James Grimsey