I am running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity to raise money for treatment, equipment and research that fall outside NHS funding.

My dear friend gave birth to a little boy earlier this year. Little Jos was diagnosed with 'Left arterial isomerism with pulmonary atresia and a large VSD'... this means that Jos's heart wasn't formed properly and was also born with a hole in his heart. He has had multiple surgeries in his short life and has spent weeks in hospital. He is such a fighter!

I am so thankful for all of the doctors and nurses all around the world who have worked together to provide the best care not only for Jos, but also for his Mummy and Daddy.

The hospitals treat newborns with heart problems, toddlers affected by asthma, teenagers living with cystic fibrosis and adults needing transplants, to name only a few. These life-threatening conditions could affect any of us. Your donation will go to helping other families in similar situations, providing families to be there for their loved ones in challenging times. From the small gesture of providing a camp bed for parents to stay beside their child at night, to larger appeals such as the Transplant Appeal, funding for technology and giving more patients the chance to receive life-saving operations.
Amanda Matheson