Amy Mitha In 2018 i received a life changing gift from the amazing doctors at Harefield hospital.
After two years of waiting and 5 false alarms they had finally found an amazing man who was a compatible donor, and begun the long process of saving my life.
At 4 pm on the 14/06/2018 i was taken away to surgery, after 8 long hours for my family and friends, they got the great news i had gotten through the initial operation.
Harefield's work was not finished there, as i then had a lot of post op care to go through to get myself discharged and making a new life.
Once the operation was done i was sent down to ITU where i was cared for by an amazing team of nurses. The checked my drains, gave me medications i needed while i was in a drug induced coma to let my body recover after such major surgery.
After a while i lost my drains one by one (which was not very pleasant and i wanted to be Dr Octopus from spider man :) but sadly they said i couldn't) so after all 5 drains were finally out of me, i was allowed to go home.
But their continued hard work and support does not end when you walk out of the door. They monitor your Tacrolimus Levels constantly to make sure you do not go into rejection. They have an amazing support system in place for those down times when your lung function dips and you get ill they pull out all the stops to get you back on track. I have just revisited Harefield as an inpatient due to tight chest lower lung function and wheezing, they had me in for a CT scan and a broncoscopy to determine if i was in mild rejection. The results came negative no rejection for me Yey.
They take no chances with it get you checked over asap.
But to carry on their great work they need our help.

How can you help?

Well me and 12 of my amazing family and friends are doing a virtual walk to help raise money for equipment they need.

These amazing people are..........

Darren Rice
Zara Mitha
Heather Tennant
Jade Orozco
Emma Speed
Anna Roome
Jade Mitha
Len Rice
Kat Sellwood
Mayhul Patidar
Ameera Orozco-Ottway
Gary Rolls

Together we are Amy's Angels

We appreciate any donation you can give.
We are doing this for a very important cause to help Harefield get the equipment they need to help so many others like myself carry on living.

Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts <3 :) Amy Mitha