Myself and Lindsay have been two very lucky ladies. As we have both recieved a double lung transplant through Harefield Hospital. Without the care we have recieved niether of us woudk be here right now.
I plan on stepping up the miles, where Lindsay plans on riding her way to the top!! ❤️
We are not doing this alone in Amy's Angels this year we have.

Darren Rice - Bf who has been there through thick and thin. Even trudging through parks on the weekend to get his steps in 😊

Elaine Davies - Mum, need I say more? ❤️

Zara Mitha - Sister, mother of one and chef so she is always on her feet bopping around the kitchen💖

Jade Mitha - Sister, Sales assistant walking through the store each day will get us clocking up the points 🚶‍♀️

Gary Rolls - I have known him since he worked at a lifeguard at Pontins at 18, and he was the first of my Angels to sign up, ready to help get us to the top. ❤️

Rui Ferreira Pombo - Jade's Bf. Only known this guy for a few months but he has decided to join us for the first time this year 😁

Norbi Boz - Zaras BF, again a new comer into my life but has also joined us this year. He to works in the restaurant industry so will on his feet 😁

Heather Tennant - She has been my friend since we where teenagers no matter what she turns up ready and willing to step step step ☺️Mother of one, works as barmaid

Alan Taylor - Another new comer this year, father of 3 he will be chasing his youngest around which will suprise him by how many steps that makes up 😂

Andrew Tennant - Heather's bro, I have know him since I was teenager always there to support me and make us laugh. ❤️

Anna Shaw - mother of three, works for Evermore Dog Rescue is one of my regular Angels each year she is will and able to get me the steps I need 💪

Yasmin Acquah - Nurse in training, learning new things and getting herself out there 😎

Stency Kidega - Only known this girl since the first Hearts vs Lungs, but not only is she committed to the cause she is always up for a laugh 😜

Tamara - Dog walker, friend of my mums. Joined us last year and has been waiting for this to come back around 😝

Leonard Rice - Plumber who does alot of walking to and from work not to mention how many steps he gets in while at work. Big expectations here Len. 🤣

My three secret weapons...

John - A Porter at St George's Hospital 😝

Phillipa - I have only know her a few years and that is through looking at her Furbabies. She has chosen to take part this and guess what? She's a nurse 😁

Suzanne - Like Phillipa only know her a few years through looking after Furbabies. But has looked after a patient who was waiting for a transplant and is looking forward to getting her steps in. Also a nurse so the steps will be good. 💖

And together we Are Amy's Angels let's do this guys 💪🦵 Amy Mitha