Earlier this year I contracted COVID -19, unfortunately, despite being only 34years old and having no other health conditions, I became extremely ill and required to be put into an induced coma to manage my airways. This itself was not enough to keep me alive, and I was transported by emergency ambulance, whilst still in a coma, to The Royal Brompton Hospital for ECMO life support treatment. This treatment oxygenated my blood for me to give my lungs total rest to recover. I received this treatment for 25 days at the approximate cost of £10,000 a day. This treatment saved my life. And has proved to help many other people who are suffering with extreme Covid-19 infections.

So why have I told you all of this?
There are only 15 ECMO machines in this country, whilst there are, during the current pandemic, far more people who would benefit from this life saving treatment. I am aiming to fundraise money to help purchase further ECMO machines and support the staff training required to provide this treatment. Amy Walduck