We are proudly supporting our fantastic Charity in raising funds for the COVID-19 relief fund. Throughout the pandemic the Charity have stood by our side and helped us from organising tasty treats for staff, to buying ventilators and an ECMO to give us the extra equipment we so desperately needed to treat patients.

Our Team (Battle of the ANIO's for Team Heart) is made up of both staff (nurses, porters, doctors, IT support) and non-staff and was set up by Helen McGuire in competition with Ainhoa Arjona.

Helen and Ainhoa are the Trust Assistant Nursing Information Officers (ANIO's) and support IT within clinical environments. Helen was particularly upset that Ainhoa had supported Team Lungs in the first round and has therefore challenged her in a Battle of the ANIO's. Team Heart will clearly win, but we are so very glad they are still joining in anyway.

The COVID-19 relief fund is hugely important to us in both Teams but has also given us some fun work banter! This race will also help us all to improve our fitness and make sure we are getting up and off the sofa :)

Please donate as much as you can to this wonderful Charity that we are so lucky to have. Even a small amount will all help towards the total. Thank You for supporting us!

Helen McGuire