As most of you know, I have received the most amazing gift from somebody I never met and never will, exactly 1 year ago. Her heart is beating inside me and will power the life ahead of me, from my smallest steps to my wildest dreams. This was the culmination of 14 years during which I had been suffering from a heart disease that eventually prevented me from living normally –and I am now so happy and thankful to be here and able to raise awareness and funds to help some of the 6,000 men, women and children who are still waiting for their second chance to life.

“The Organ Care System — the so-called “beating heart in a box” — works by pumping a donor organ with warm, oxygenated, and nutrient-enriched blood.” This is a huge improvement on the only alternative : The Ice box.

I was very lucky to benefit from such a life-saving machine when I had my heart transplant at Harefield Hospital. And today I’m asking for your help to get more of these machines and make the whole difference between donor organs making it into their new body or an aborted or failed procedure. With only a few devices across the whole of the UK, the NHS is terribly lacking. Thousands of healthy organs that are desperately needed are discarded each year because of this, and people have to wait for years and still not be sure to be saved in time. These machines are an incredible help and a game changer –please read on.

“The carbon fiber system is about waist-high and the whole thing sits on a four-wheeled cart for easy transport. It’s equipped with an oxygen tank, supply of blood, batteries, and special equipment to monitor the organ, as well as a sterile plastic box that houses the donor organ, keeping it at the right temperature and humidity levels during transport.

‘The organ believes that it’s still in the body,’ says Dr. Waleed Hassanein, CEO of TransMedics, the company that’s developing the system. “The HEART is beating. The LUNG is breathing.” Because the organs are functioning during transport, doctors can monitor the organs — and in some cases make them healthier. "The device is vital.”

These machines cost approx. 40,000£, and Harefield hospital has issued an appeal for 500,000£ to fund a new array of these life saving machines.

100% of the funds we raise together today will go towards the Harefield hospital charity to buy more of these OCS machines. Thank you so much for your support — you are helping to save lives.

Golpira Golpira Mirzazadeh