I am truly privileged and extremely proud to be working for two World Class Leading Hospitals!

It's been a couple of years now so its about time I did some fundraising! 

I have been roped into taking on WAR The crazy Warrior Adrenaline Obstacle Course on Saturday 27th April - if you would like to join me please let me know :)

- Completed this challenge on one of the coldest day's ever - extremely difficult and was totally battered, bruised and soaking wet - but I completed it!! YAY!

However the next challenge is what I'm really looking forward to taking on. I have been sponsored by the lovely Rhonda Davis to take on Europe's fastest zip wire in Wales on Sunday 19th May :) 

Rhonda completely inspires me and is of an incredible age of 80 and is doing it with me!


Truly excited about this but def. not over the moon with WAR eek.

On a serious note I am fundraising in support of Harefield Hospital's Transplant Appeal -

Harefield Hospital is the UK’s largest and most experienced centre for heart and lung transplants. Our world-class Transplant Programme needs more Organ Care Systems (OCS Kit) - this so-called “beating heart in a box” — works by pumping a donor organ with warm, oxygenated, and nutrient-enriched blood. Unlike conventional transportation methods, which rely on ice preservation, an OCS can keep an organ suitable for transplantation for up to 12 hours, rather than the usual 3. 

Harefield Hospital has two OCS machines, one for hearts and one for lungs. They allow organs from as far away as Scotland to be used to save the life of someone in northwest London.

Every transportation requires a new, disposable ‘kit’ to connect the organ to the Care System unit, to avoid the risk of infection. Each OCS kit costs approximately £30,000 each and is a one-off use – one organ per kit.

Numbers transplanted via the OCS kits – so far from April 2018 to now, we have had

Heart Transplants - 36

Lung transplants – 49

Please donate as much or as little as you can for this amazing Transplant Appeal - by each and every donation you are helping us to fight heart & lung disease!

Thank you all so much for your love & support Sall xxx

Sallinder Rai