In 2004 my brother was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy and was told that there was no cure. For ten years he managed well, the medication he was taking on a daily basis seemed to be keeping the condition under control. Things deteriorated in 2014 to the point it was determined that he had advanced heart failure and his only hope would be to have a heart transplant. He was placed on the routine transplant list in November 2016, however things continued to deteriorate and despite two offers of hearts on the routine list none were suitable. He was admitted to Harefield hospital the following February and placed on the urgent transplant list. The staff and volunteers at Harefield were amazing and went out of there way to care for all the patients often going above and beyond to help. On the 2nd May he received his new heart and spent the next month recovering in hospital. I would like to thank all the staff at Harefield for the care and support that he received, they are true superheroes and hope that what ever I raise will go some way to help them to continue to do the amazing work that they do.

I will be cycling the 26 miles from The Royal Brompton to Harefield Hospital along the canal.

Brian Crane