I’m looking to raise £1000 for the Harefield transplant appeal.

With your generous help, they aim to fund:

Organ Care System which keep donated hearts and lungs viable for up to 4 times longer than using traditional methods. This means donated organs can come from hospitals further away, arrive in better condition and give medical staff longer to prepare for and perform life-saving surgery.

So let me tell you a little bit about how I got to where I am today…….

In 2007 my father was diagnosed with cardio myopathy. This was only found through him having a pre op for a completely different operation. After more examination he was found to have left side cardio myopathy.

Following this he had various ECG and ECOGRAM which showed he had a low ejection fraction rate, in layman’s terms his heart wasn’t doing what it is supposed to do. This didn’t stop him carrying out his normal life work, children grandchildren hobbies just overtime his medication went from 5 pills to 19 pills.

In early 2017 a decline in his health was visible which led to monthly chest infections sometime meaning he was hospitalised, late 2017 after numerous hospital visits he was placed under a new consultant which led to him being told he was in end stage heart failure.

He was given the opportunity to trial a new medication called ENTRESTRO. Sadly there was no change.

He was then transferred to the care of DR DAR at Harefield hospital.

It was then decided dad would need a transplant however he’s currently too to ill to have one but the DR was willing to fully support a LVAD.

This is a mechanical heart that will be in place to help dad regain the fitness needed to have a transplant.

So that where we’re at waiting for dads LVAD be fitted which this charity also supports the funding of.

Please help me raise money for this great charity, any donation large or small is much appreciated!

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner