I spent a lot of time at Harefield hospital recently, where one of my loved ones was treated, and I will be forever grateful for the treatment and care they received. I witnessed first hand the difference their pioneering work in saving and extending the lives of people with heart and lung conditions makes to patients and their families. People are referred there from all over the UK to give them another chance at life and they rely on funding to continue this pioneering and life saving work. It really moved me to see and hear the stories of the lives they have touched and I really want to help them continue this amazing work in the future and also want to thank them for all they have done for my family. This is a big challenge for me but I am totally committed to the cause and am giving it 110% so I hope you can spare as much as you can to sponsor me and help fund this amazing charity which is very close to my heart. Thank you! <3 Claire Hodge