Our friend Charlotte lost her son, Ruben, this year at three & a half months old. It has been devastating for her, and seeing what her and her family are continuing to go through is heart breaking for us all. However, it is also inspiring that they can go through this trauma and pain, and yet want to make it better for other families.

Ruben's Fund is raising money to enable the team at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital to set up a dedicated research project, which will provide valuable knowledge into genetic cardiomyopathy, which effects 1 in 100,000 babies, to better treat and manage this condition.

As friends, we have been by her side throughout it, and want to help in any shape or form. This isn't the biggest challenge for us to take part in, however, we want to support Charlotte & Patrick every step of the way, and it's about doing something to help them get to their target of £200,000...

Thanks for your support!
Vics, Lucy, Laura, Katy, Dena, Ange, Kirsty & Francesca Vics Walsh