Our lovely dad, Graham is currently recovering in the Royal Brompton Hospital following a long stint in ICU with covid-19. It’s been a rollercoaster ride and the prognosis is now looking more positive. Without doubt this can be attributed to time spent on an ECMO machine ( as well as the amazing team ). These support the respiratory systems of the most critically ill patients -letting their lungs rest and giving the body a chance to fight and heal.

The Royal Brompton is one of only 5 sites in the U.K. where ECMO treatment is possible. We are fundraising towards such a machine by way of a thank you from our family hopeful that access to ECMO will continue to save lives of others and keep other families together.

** update** Dad had been discharged from the Bc Royal Brompton  ( feels like a bit of a miracle!). We are very grateful for your support and your support of this important work.

Hannah Axon