Steve was a phenomenal man, son, father, husband, brother and friend. COVID-19 took him from our family far too early and I’m fundraising for the ECMO appeal to give more families more time and to save more lives, not just during this global pandemic but for after too.

I have multiple events planned, starting with the Goldfields Pipeline 10km in July 2021. As I register for more events I’ll update this page.

Alongside registered events I’m also taking part in virtual challenges.

I’ve just completed a virtual English Channel walk and managed the distance in 6 days!

I’ve now signed up to Run Down Under. This tracks me as I travel the distance around Australia. Currently my pace will have my completing the 15 thousand kilometres in 2033!

I know times are tough for a lot of people right now but please dig as deep as you can for the ECMO appeal and for Steve’s memory. I’m so grateful to everyone for sharing and sponsoring.

Update March 1 2021. I’ve upgraded my original Pipeline Race from a 10km event to the half Marathon!

Update April 14th 2021 I’m signed up to the London Marathon in October and have just signed up to the great Ocean Road challenge. A virtual 240km journey. I aim to complete this in 85 days

Update June 27th 2021- Today I’m doing the Broad Arrow Run. A 36km trail run from Kalgoorlie to Broad Arrow. My longest Distance yet.

I’ve made it just past Sydney with Run Down Under, a total of 302km so far and there are 37.3km left of the Great Ocean Road Challenge.

Update- August 30th 2021

I completed the Goldfields Pipeline Half Marathon in 3.09 which I was thrilled with. Unfortunately I finished with a significant foot injury that’s take until last week to heal. But fingers crossed with lots of walk breaks the VLM is still possible! Leah Lynham