Many of you will know that Vanessa suffered a major lung problem early in March 2020, due to Covid-19.

We are looking to raise money to support the Royal Brompton Hospital’s appeal to purchase more specialist ECMO life support machines.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride and after a long stint in ICU in an induced coma, on a ventilator, on ECMO and on dialysis, Vanessa is finally back home now recovering and rehabilitating.
We attribute her survival to ECMO and the amazing teams of doctors and nurses who took great care of her, first in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and then at Royal Brompton Hospital, where she was transferred to the specialist ECMO team, as well as to the undeniable power of the collective love, prayers and positive energy sent throughout from all those of us who are lucky to have crossed paths with the wonderful soul that is Vanessa.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) units support critically ill patients by pumping and oxygenating their blood outside of their body. The ECMO allows these patients’ lungs (and heart, in some cases) to rest whilst being diagnosed and treated, and it gives the body a chance to fight and heal.

ECMO is used on the most critically ill patients as a ‘last resort’ treatment where all other options have been exhausted, Vanessa was one of the very few lucky ones who was selected as a suitable candidate for this treatment. She was the 2nd Covid patient on ECMO in Royal Brompton Hospital. To put the ‘luck’ part into context, there are incredibly few units and places where ECMO machines are available, 16 in total in the whole of our country spread across only 5 hospitals.
Vanessa was extremely fortunate to have access to one, and even more so during the Coronavirus pandemic which suddenly spiked the need of this life saving machine. Without even the slightest shadow of a doubt, ECMO played an absolute key part in saving her life.

We are fundraising towards such an incredible machine by way of a thank you, hopeful that ECMO treatment is possible for access to many more patients, so that we can pay our gratitude forward with more ECMO machines and its essential parts that will continue to save the lives of others to keep families and friends together, blessing those who are next just as we all were blessed with a second chance to cherish having Vanessa in our lives.

Please would you help us to raise money towards this appeal and play a part in saving even more lives.

Any donation of whatever amount you can afford will be a gratefully received contribution, no amount is too small. And PLEASE also share the link and hashtags below with all your friends, family and on your social media channels, spread the word of our mission to save more lives!


Why are we hoping to raise £24,320? I hear you ask...

Well, the inspiration for this amount came from the day that Vanessa was gifted with another chance at her life - the date when the ECMO procedure was carried out without any of the complications that this extremely high risk procedure carries, the same date that she went into Royal Brompton Hospital with the incredible 'iron lung' which started to give her the much needed respite to enable her body to start healing - it was Tuesday 24/3/20.

And of course, we would be absolutely delighted to smash this target, together we could aim to add another 0 at the end of it... now wouldn't that be something!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💕 and on behalf of Vanessa’s parents and her brother Hamish.

With love and eternal thanks,
Dudley, Carla and of course, Vanessa : )

Background Information:
An ECMO machine is a very high tech piece of equipment which costs around £150,000 to purchase and approximately £10,000 per day to run, its individual replacement parts are also very costly ranging from £400 to £6000 pounds each.

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