From the moment he was born my son had difficulties, initially not able to breath and then at 3 days old I discovered he had a heart murmur. At 5 days old we went to the Royal Brompton in an ambulance; to ultimately discover he had 3 heart abnormalities. It was a frightening time. They reassured and supported us. One of the issues resolved itself as he grew, at 2 they placed a tiny titanium coil in his heart to close a gap that shouldn't have been there and they keep an eye on the third issue which will always be with him. He's doing ok and is now 15 and is currently aysymptomatic.

Little did I know that in July of last year I would find myself up there again but in the adult ward visiting my Mum. My Mum has been battling heart disease for years; unforuntately in July of last year we discovered that she has a very advanced and relatively rare lung condition; a double whammy you wouldn't wish on anyone. Mum's lung problem is very advanced and it has been very difficult. Since coming under the care of the Bromptom Mum's complex health issues have been managed much better, she mostly has a lot less pain and is able to enjoy life again within the contstraints of her illness. Unfortunately since writing this my Mum has also been diagnosed with incurable cancer; her time is precious. It would mean so much to me to do her hospital proud :-)

So this run really is personal. When a loved one is ill there is often little you can do other than be there for them, you feel so helpless when there is nothing you can really do to make them feel better or at least for the pain to go away. Help me do my bit to support the hospital that has done so much for my loved ones and countless other people from across the country. Thank you :-) Gail Hill