As a lot of you no I got ill when I was 16. On New Year’s Eve 2008 I collapsed and had a massive cardiac arrest and spent the next 2 and half months in hospital, I left and had an ICD so I could carry on with my new life. I then slowly got worse over 8 years and was told I needed a heart transplant. I then went to Harefield to be assessed and was told I was going on the transplant list. I spent 5 months in Harefield where I met some wonderful people who were in the same boat as me and also the wonderful staff who made my time in hospital so much better than it could have been. I literally owe Harefield my life and raising money for them is a small way to say thank you for everything they have done for me and my family. I will be joining my good friend, Lee Crane, who I met while we were both waiting for a heart and we will complete this ride together in honour of our donors and for everything Harefield has done for us. Harefield is an incredible place so please do all you can. Thanks. 

George Pollard