Our Uncle Nick died last year, very suddenly from heart failure. Harefield Hospital, an incredible specialist heart hospital, fought so hard to fix Uncle Nick but sadly they couldn't save him.  He tragically died last year aged only 42.

We were and still are so very sad to have lost him. Uncle Nick was so special, he was our hero and we didn't get to spend nearly enough time with him.  Uncle Nick taught us so much.  He showed us how to fish; he taught us how to make spears and home made bows and arrows; he showed us how to find great things in rock pools and told us all about them; he taught us how to play pool, darts and his fruit machine in his man cave in the garden; Uncle Nick showed us how to have fun and how important it is to have great people in your lives to help you, teach you and love you.  He loved life and we loved him. He was special and we want to do something really special for him, to remember him and to make him proud of us. 

We are running the Green Park Challenge with our Mummy and Daddy this year and we want to raise money to help people who get poorly like our Uncle Nick.  We want to raise money to help out other children's daddies and uncles get better.  We really wanted Harefield Hospital to save our Uncle.  They tried so hard but just couldn't so we want to make Uncle Nick proud and save other people.  With your help, they can do so much more and help so many more people. Uncle Nick was so special so please help us - every pound will help. Kelly Bunker