Jane had lifelong cardiac disability which over the years caused her to develop pulmonary hypertension, a lung condition which advances progressively. The team at The Royal Brompton Hospital managed this progression with immense skill, introducing modifications to medication when needed, while encouraging optimism for living as full and active a life as possible. Jane thrived on this atmosphere of positivity, accepted that she had a ‘special heart’ and lived with this with amazing confidence. Despite everything, Jane’s achievements were astonishing. She lived life to the full, in a significant degree of independence in supported living, with a 5 days a week part time paid job, which was really important for her, and with unending leisure interests. Jane had an innate wisdom that had extraordinary influence on those who she met, often enabling them to examine their own lives and values. She won so much love and respect, and gave much joy.
Sincere thanks to the team in ACHD for their part in enabling Jane to achieve a life well lived.
With our fundraising target we are aiming at the stars, but this a stellar cause, and Jane herself was a real star. Anne Katherine Beresford