As you all know our dad loved to do walks and charity events to raise money for people who were struggling or experiencing difficulties, and he raised a lot over the years. My mum, my sister and I are doing this years Harefield's FireWalk in memory of our dad, and beloved husband. Dad would be completely mind blown, that mum in particular is being so brave by taking this type of walk on, but we felt it was so fitting to honour him.
Harefield gave us more time with dad, but they did so much more than that, they showed my dad nothing but love, care, compassion and respect. They became a second family to my dad and to us all. They went above and beyond to make sure that the difficult times my dad and us as a family had to go through, that there was still some laughter and light in our world. I know times are really tough, but we would really appreciate any donation towards an incredible hospital and team.

Shannon Douglas