The money we raise will go to the RBHT Covid-19 relief fund, which is used for the following:

-Staff wellbeing and sustenance packages, including drinks, hand cream, massages and treatments
-With strict limitations on visitors, an onsite Patient Experience Coordinator will deliver face to face or virtual activities to improve the experience of adult patients, particularly those who experience long and/or multiple stays. Several patients have been inpatients for over 6 months
-£1,750 will buy one of 20 humidifiers needed, which will add moisture and warmth to the air delivered to a patient via a ventilator. This will reduce dryness and improve comfort when breathing
-£7,514 will buy one handheld blood gas analyser that delivers lab-quality diagnostic results at the bedside within a few minutes
-£49,000 will buy ECMO equipment for the most critically ill patients with Covid-19. ECMO will do the work of a patient’s lungs, or both heart and lungs, until theirs can function properly again.

Working through the pandemic was physically and emotionally exhausting, but definitely highlighted the importance of teamwork and looking after each other. The impact of this fund on staff wellbeing has been overwhelming so far.

Although the peaks have passed, the hospital is far from normal and our patients are still unable to spend time with their loved ones and so it is vital that we continue to improve their experience any way we can.

Daisy Lord