Danny Jackson Hello, so my names Jackson and I have decided to take on a Ration Challenge starting 16th November until 22nd November.

I decided I would like to donate towards a charity close to me and my family. The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital.

Back in 2016, my dad was taken ill and had a heart attack. He was taken to The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital where they saved his life.
I was away working abroad in Finland and with no way home until after Christmas, it was an emotional time for us all as a family. We got through it and he is still here today because of the hospitals!

I have chosen to do this challenge because many people know I love my food, so I though for 1 week, I will swap out my home comforts and challenge myself to eat nothing but basic rations. It will be very tough to say the least.

I’d be so incredibly grateful for any sponsorship that people are able to provide – even a pound will make a big difference. If you want to sponsor or learn more about the challenge, you can visit my fundraising page.

The ration pack I’ll be living on for seven days contains the same rations that Im A Celeb eat:

420g rice
170g dried lentils
85g dried chickpeas
400g tinned kidney beans
330ml vegetable oil

What would you make with the ingredients that I have in my ration pack?

Wish me luck… Danny Jackson