Jonathan Marriott

Royal Brompton’s new venture is really pioneering and I want to be part of it by taking part in this challenge.  They want to build two new intensive care rooms but not like normal rooms – these will have special ‘pods’ built in, so a loved one can stay close to the patient throughout the difficult time of being in intensive care.

Normally, there is simply no space – and if a mother / father / son / daughter wants to stay close by, it is cramped and uncomfortable, and they are often in the way of treatment and care. 

The team at Royal Brompton know how having a loved one close by to a patient can be part of the recovery.  I think it’s a great idea, but whilst some NHS money can be found for the basic ITU room, the vision of adding the pod is simply not affordable without Charity help.

If you sponsor me – you will be helping these rooms to be built too.  

Anyone who knows me, knows I like cycling – but this is a challenge beyond normal cycling.  I have been training for several months now, and I am pretty confident I can do this, but I am also a bit nervous.  Every £ you sponsor me will give me a boost to succeed – and you will be helping to save lives at this remarkable hospital. 

Jonathan Marriott