On the 16th of June I'm doing a fundraising cycle event ... Me and Joe Davies are taking part in the Cardiff to the beach (mumbles Swansea ) night ride it's approx 67miles and the plan is to get to Swansea for the sunrise on our mountain bikes, ..We have decided that we are then going to cycle back home to Merthyr via neath/glyneath , this will add approx another 35miles
SO our total miles should be just over a 100miles .... to date my longest ride is 55 🙈.. The fundraising will be going to :- THE ROYAL BROMPTON AND HAREFEILD CHARITY .. The reason I chose this charity is due to the fact that last year in September my nephew Ioan who was then 10months old had open heart surgery there.
And also my son Rhys's best friend and a close friend to our family David Jenkins is currently being treated and taken care of there, after a blood clot in his main artery burst leading to 90% heart failure. He recently had open heart surgery after many other procedures and has now been moved to Harefeild where we hope he can start his road to recovery ...
I felt compelled to do something after the Royal Brompton and Harefeild has done so much recently to help my family and friends and I hope to raise some money to help them to keep doing such an excellent job Julian Smith