We started our very hard journey around 4 years ago when my dad got diagnosed with heart failure. Since then all our life's have changed massively. When my dad took a turn for the worse none of us knew what would be in his best interest until we found Harefield.. The doctors there gave him a possible life line, the precious extra time we have been given has enabled us to watch the amazing work of the medical team. Preforming miracles on a daily basis. Their work is made more difficult without enough of the technological advances that are available. The opportunity of a transplant gives the person along with there family precious years of normality. Unless you have been faced with this dilemma you do not realise how much we take life for granted. As many of you are aware heights are not my favourite (AT ALL) thing which is why I felt this challenge of abseiling down the arcelormittal orbit which is an 80 meter abseil. The passion and courage I feel for this is worth every ounce of sweat, fear and tears when I see the money raised going towards a new technology that will extend the life of a harvested organ. No longer will three hours be the limit to a harvested organs viability with this amazing piece of equipment an organ can now last up to 12 hours before being transplanted into a grateful recipient. This amount of money is a small stepping stone towards a second chance for countless other families. If you feel able to donate, I would be really grateful if you could sponsor me.

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