Richard Cook My Mum and Dad have been receiving such outstanding care from the Brompton Hospital for more than 40 years that we feel that it’s time we gave something back. As they are both now in their 80’s and unable to abseil or sky dive (!) I am going to be taking part in the Abseil the ArcelorMittal Orbit event and the Skydive event on their behalf to raise money for the Redesigning Infant Heart Surgery appeal.
Over the past 40 years Mum and Dad have been out-patients and, on occasion in-patients at the Brompton and have always received the highest degree of care and respect from everyone there - from the cooks and cleaners to the consultants and professors - and all on the NHS. I honestly believe that my Mum especially is still here because of the Brompton Hospital.

Mum and Dad have decided that they would like the money raised to go to the Redesigning Infant Heart Surgery appeal as we feel the work the Brompton do for babies, even before they're born, is amazing and needs all the support it can get.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me in this - your generosity is really appreciated. Richard Cook