Just to support my loving nan mavis and was going to be my mother in law caroline Im going to be running the 5k run as Caroline was going to be my future mother in law yet still think of her as my mum as well yet she had 2 heart attacks last year on the 10th of October 2018 yet me and samantha supported carol as much as we could by asking a violinist to come in and play sweet Caroline week after week to see if she would wake up but Knowing carol means the world to samantha had to be there by her side, yes we nearly lost her but me and samantha spending everyday without fail before or after work but unfortunately my Nan became very sick with her breathing and was getting worse and worse but bouncing from one hospital to another but that bad news came my way and my loving nan passed away a week after my birthday so I'm wanting to support my lovely nan in this race.

Luke Thomas