Dear all,

First of all thank you so much for checking out my page. For those who don't know me, I have worked in Harefield hospital since 2001, first as a student and now as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Apheresis. My career journey was not easy but I sailed through with my dedication and determination towards my work. Thanks to all support from colleagues, patients, friends and family of Harefield hospital.

In support of our hospital charity, I am fundraising towards Harefield transplant appeal by running few half marathons (13.1 miles each) in next few months. I will also be running world famous London marathon in April 2020.

Right now almost 200 people of all ages are awaiting a life changing phone call from Harefield receive either a heart or lung or both! To keep these donated organs viable for up to 12 hours, I am fundraising for "Organ care systems" which means our patients can receive these organs in the best possible condition even though we need to retrieve them as far as from Scotland.
Each system costs around £30,000 and your generous donation will greatly help us to fund these to make a difference in those who are desperately waiting for that one phone call!

Thank you. Vaishali Kale