Hi !

I am 46 ish years old married to Nina and have 2 daughters Sammy (22) and Becky (19). I run a small business in Ickenham Village providing Satellite Communication solutions to people in remote places around the world.

After a successful London Marathon run in 2017 I am planning to put myself through it all over again but this time with a little bit of a twist. I am planning at least 5 runs in 12 months that will consist of 2 x 10k , 2 x Half Marathon and top it off with a full Marathon (Either Brighton or London).

Running is a good form of exercise and a way to clear the head after a long day in the office. Raising money is not easy, but its a great sense of achievement to hit ones personal goals in life and raise money to help others in your local community. In 2017 I raised over £5,000 and with the support of the local community I would like to try and exceed that number.

I am being supported by the Coach and Horses pub in Ickenham with collection boxes on the bar, weekly pub quizzes as well as a number of events throughout the year to include a race night.

I look forward to working with the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Charity Team throughout the year to raise awareness of the activities they support and raise as much money as possilbe.

Martyn Durrant