On Sunday 3rd May, we will collectively be running a marathon for Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital charity, in particular, to raise money for the #moretimemorelives ECMO appeal.

This is a cause that is very close to our hearts. A couple of weeks ago, our beloved family member Ravi was taken ill with COVID-19 and instantly taken into ICU. When the ventilator wasn’t enough, he was put on an ECMO machine as a ‘last resort’ - this gave him the extra time needed for doctors to treat him, for his lungs to repair and for his body to beat the virus. Without this incredible piece of equipment and the amazing nurses and doctors at RBH, we may not be fortunate to still have him with us today.

As a family, we are eternally grateful to the hospital and all the staff who helped save Ravi, they risked their lives each day they spent treating him. This is dedicated to them - our heroes 💙

Please help us raise money, any donation little or large will help contribute to increasing the number of ECMO machines available at RBH and give critically ill patients more time to put up a fight and return to their families.

Thank you for support - the Nijjar family x Demi Nijjar