As most of you are aware, we are regular visitors to the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals. Andy was diagnosed with a complicated Tretology of the Fallot at the age of 6 months old and operated on at 2 and half years old. His father then collapsed in 1999 and spent 3 months in Harefield hospital where it was discovered that some of the family, including Andy had a rare hereditary heart condition.

In the same year, Emma's Grandmother was also diagnosed with the same rare hereditary heart condition and again Harefield hospital performed another lifesaving operation. Because of this, all of us are regularly monitored by Harefield hospital and they are trying hard to find the underlying cause of this. In 2015, the Royal Brompton yet again performed open heart surgery on Andy to carry out repair work to what he had as a child and for the hereditary heart condition. Then a few weeks ago, Andy nearly lost his life because of a cardiac arrest caused by scar tissue from his previous surgeries. Thanks again to the Royal Brompton he has now been fitted with a defibrillator in case this happens again.

Words can not explain how grateful we are to these 2 hospitals. It is not only the breath-taking knowledge and skill that the staff at these hospitals have but also the true kindness, care and support that they give to not only the patient but their families too. Molly and Evie heard about the Harefield Fun Run last year and were desperate to do it raising over £300. After the last month that we have been through, it seems only right that all 5 of us take part this year and try and raise as much money as possible for these amazing hospitals. On 9th September 2018, Beth and Emma will be doing the 2km while Andy, Molly and Evie will be doing the 5km. If you can help us by donating just a couple of pound to keep the fantastic work of these hospitals and the research going in the future, please do so, we would really appreciate it. Many thanks, The Staddons xxx Emma Staddon