On Sunday 13th October 2019, we will be running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. We are raising money for Harefield Heart and Lung Transplant Hospital in London in memory of my (Sarah’s) dear brother in law, Jamie.
Jamie was given the gift of a new pair of lungs on 1st November 2018 after being on the waiting list for only nine days. He had a genetic lung disease, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, and a double lung transplant was his only option of a chance of a better quality of life. He had many set backs and was in hospital for a total of six months. In this time he showed amazing bravery and an incredible fighting spirit. He was an inspiration in that he never gave up, never complained and always asked how you were despite everything that he was going through!
The medical staff were amazing with the care they gave Jamie and the whole family.
Jamie finally went home in April, gained more strength and was able to walk around his village with his wife, Wendy (Sarah’s sister), and his little boy Henry. This was something he hadn’t been able to do for years.
Four weeks ago, Jamie was rushed to hospital with Pancreatitis. Tragically, he passed away from complications on 1st September 2019.
Ironically, his new lungs were still strong.
We want to raise awareness of the importance of donating organs to help others. We were given another 10 months with Jamie. Please help us to raise as much money as we can to help other families have more time with their loved ones. Every single penny helps.
Thank you so very much,
Sarah and Rhiannon Rhiannon Lee Sarah Murray