In June, I will be skydiving to raise money for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity.

For me, skydiving represents an experience that puts life into perspective. It incorporates fear and trust, and this is what patients and their families may experience everyday. It can be scary living with a heart or lung condition and having a hospital (or two) to trust in is a vital part of getting through the experience.

My mum was diagnosed with a lung condition known as bronchiectasis in her early twenties. It was brought on by an unfortunate accident when she was a baby and her health has continued to deteriorate throughout her life. In her younger years, she was very active, loved to dance and has never smoked a day in her life! The condition has now left her on home oxygen - a far cry from the memories I have of her. As a family, we have accepted and become accustomed to the change and the one constant is the trust that we have in the care that she receives.

She has been under the care of the Royal Brompton since her diagnosis and they have helped to stabilise and manage her condition. Now, awaiting a double-lung transplant, Harefield are also part of her care, and together, they have made a brilliant team.

Combined, The Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals form a partnership that offers specialist heart and lung treatment for adults and children. They carry out some of the most complicated procedures across the world and have supportive and dedicated staff caring for patients and conducting pioneering research to continue to diagnose and treat conditions. In my mum's own words, she doesn't know if she would be here without them and I want to do my part to offer my support and show my appreciation for all that they do.

There are many hospitals and charities worthy of awareness, appreciation and donations and this is definitely one of them. Please give what you can. Thank you!

Kiyarah Palmer