Sallinder Rai

Our Super Squad team consists of 33 members and we are all a part of Team Heart. Walking, skipping, running and cycling all in support of our amazing hospitals - Royal Brompton & Harefield.

Sadly this year our Fun Run at Harefield Hospital has been cancelled but with this new virtual event we can still show our support. Stay active, keep fit, log miles and raise money!

This year both Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals have ambitious targets of raising £500,000. Reaching these targets will allow each hospital to purchase state-of-the-art scanning equipment. Improving our hospitals allows for our staff to give our patients the best possible care.

Join our fight against heart and lung disease!

Any donation is greatly appreciated - thank you - The Super Squad Team

Sallinder, Haps, Manvir, Manav, Khivi, Simmi, Keera, Kara, Manjit, Tirath, Mani, Esha, Avina, Avtar, Baljinder, Kulwinder, Gurdial, Paramjit, Biro, Sukh, Rob, Raj, Kiran, Paris, Amar, Kenny, Santosh, Krishan, Jason, Happy, Jas, Karamjit & Joga.

Sallinder Rai