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The Covid-19 crisis is not over yet, although we have past the peak, the work of our hospitals continues as we help the most critically ill patients.

The Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals are treating the most severe cases of Covid-19. We need your support to buy the equipment that our clinical staff need to save lives.

Your generosity has allowed the Charity to buy:

  • An ECMO machine that will help support the most critically ill patients
  • 35 high spec ventilators, saving many lives
  • Eight hand-held ultrasound scanners that help our clinical staff assess a patient’s heart and lung function
  • Pioneering software to help aid the research into the symptoms of Covid-19.

The new scanners are already at work in Royal Brompton’s intensive care units. Dr Tom Semple, a consultant radiologist, wanted to talk you through what the generosity of our supporters has helped to achieve.

The Charity continues to work with the hospitals to support our amazing staff. The long-term welfare of all staff is paramount and the Charity will be playing a critical role with funding for emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing programmes.

What could your support help us buy?

£62,000 An ECMO machine to help the most critically ill patients with Covid–19. Royal Brompton is one of only five ECMO centres in the UK, treating patients from across the UK. ECMO is the last resort to saving many vulnerable people who are in severe respiratory or cardiac failure. It will do the work of a patient’s lungs, or both heart and lungs, until their's can resume normal function.

£5,000 A portable hand-held ultrasound machine to provide cardiac scans and daily lung ultrasounds on Covid-19 patients on ECMO

£3,000 One of 20 IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia (ICCA) systems needed to centralise the clinical data of a critically ill patient through connected technology. This helps to better manage patient deterioration and aid faster and more accurate treatment.

"Our staff have really appreciated the gifts that have been coming through. They feel that their impossibly hard work is being recognised and valued by the wider public – it’s such a boost for them."

Joy Godden, Director of Nursing and Clinical Governance, Royal Brompton Hospital

The Charity has pledged to provide an additional £250,000 of funding to immediately help our amazing colleagues save lives and give patients the best chance of recovery. Your support is now needed more than ever, and we urge you to help support our amazing hospitals and NHS staff.

Please click on the link below to donate - All support as always is much appreciated.

Raf Notarianni