Danielle Clarke Most of you will know that my Mum had a Double Lung Transplant at this hospital in September 2017.
Due to her suffering severe Emphysema for many years.
This was going to be life changing for her we laughed and joked about her being able to run a marathon!
No one prepared us for what was going to happen next

After the successful operation unfortunately Mum suffered serious complications and sadly passed away just 6 day’s later at 55years old - During those 6 day’s the ECMO machine was used on my Mum and this vital piece of equipment was keeping her alive and gave me and my family time around her bed day and night.
So many family’s walk through those doors for whatever reason it may be, they will be relying on this machine. It really is a vital piece of equipment and I want to do what I can to help 💜 Danielle Clarke