Born with congenital heart problems. Heart op at 6 weeks old at Sully hospital in Wales. I needed another operation when 10. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Harefield in 1981 after a catheter check at Heath hospital where the heart wasn't pumping blood to lungs properly. I needed another operation soon. There then at Harefield Professor Magdi Yacoub performed the operation late 1981. I have been looked after there since then. In March 2008 had value replacement and value repair. Soon after operation my heart decided enough was enough, despite the surgery a success. Since that operation went into Heart Failure. I had ICD fitted then before leaving hospital in May 2008. I had several procedures then few years after due to arrhythmias, then passed to Transplant team. On December 1st 2015 after being on routine list for 3 years was admitted from my outpatient appointment as heart failure had got worse, and then placed on urgent list. Fortunately in March 2015 had Heart Transplant by Mr Andre Simon and his team. Since then doing very well. I'm being taken care of now going forward by the Transplant clinic on routine check ups. I'm back to work, after having to finish work due to ill health from heart failure. I'm thankful everyday to my donor and their family for my second chance of life. So on Sunday 1st July 2018, I will be taking part in the Grand Canal challenge to raise money for Harefield. I have selected the money will go to the Transplant Appeal. I will be joined by Andrew Hanney and Alvin Walters and we aim as combined effort to raise at least £450. I hope you can support us in this worthy cause to help others like me, benefit from the hospital and equipment needed in the success of transplants. Stephen Thomas